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More Than 100 Units

Ready Stock, Immediate Registration

Why settle for less when you can still get the best deal? At Commercial Elites, we have an affordable selection of vehicles for everyone to enjoy. Our wide range of inventory includes luxury rides, certified brand new, pre-owned vehicles, and more. You don’t want to miss out on this season’s stock - view all of our options now.

New Trucks: Inventory
Toyota Dyna.jpg

New Toyota Dyna (Borneo)

(Y Plate)

From $125,800

Mitsubishi L200_edited.jpg

New Mitsubishi L200 Dbl Cab

From $138,800

Kia 2500.jpg

New Kia 2500

From $85,800

Ford Ranger.jpg

New Ford Ranger Dbl Cab

From $138,800

Hino XZU710R.jpg

New Hino XZU710R (14FT)

From $129,800

Mitsubishi FEA01.jpg

New Mitsubishi FEA01



New Isuzu NPR85 (14ft)



New Mitsubishi FEB21 (14ft)


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